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Ryan J Hodge RyanJHodge Luck and Loose Ends Luck & Loose Ends Fantasy Novel

Fortunes have always been made at someone else’s expense. No one understands this better than a thief, and Kalisa & Peytra are thieves like no other. When rumors of vast riches on a new continent reach their ears, they spare no haste in stowing aboard vessels bound for the New World. Kalisa gets more than he bargained for during the heist of a nobleman’s manor when he stumbles upon a man afflicted by a bizarre and preternaturally violent condition.


As the madness spreads, the Kalisa and Peytra discover that the afflicted are being controlled by a daemoniac entity long thought banished from the world. With monsters and religious fanatics closing in on all sides, Kalisa and Peytra must avail upon their wits and each other to escape the continent alive. However, just because they are partners does not mean they can trust one another.

Ryan J Hodge RyanJHodge Author Scifi scifi independent author


Ryan J Hodge

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