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Ryan J Hodge RyanJHodge Ryan Hodge Wounded Worlds Nihil Novum Wounded Worlds SciFi scifi novel Wounded Worlds Novel
Wounded Worlds: Nihil Novum

Ruan Altman is a human trying to forget his past. Fa’ashi Orrin is a Novum trying to escape hers. The war had brought them together, now peace might tear them apart.

On the distant world of Talveras, half a century of Imperial rule has come to an end. The humans of the NUSA have weakened it, and now they seek the Novum’s help to finish it. While the Army ferrets out the few remaining pockets of resistance, Commissar Altman and the Civilian Service Corps offer aid and healing to a battered populace. He falls in love with a young woman named Fa’ashi Orrin, and for a brief moment it seems like the planet’s recovery will go smoothly. But the Novum are thirsty for vengeance against those who collaborated with the Empire during the occupation, and those accused rarely live to see a trial.

Ancient racial enmities begin to resurface when neighbor accuses neighbor, and blood lust reigns supreme. As deep feuds all old as Novum civilization itself threaten to plunge Talveras into ruinous civil conflict, suspicious eyes begin to fall on Fa’ashi. When rumor is accepted as fact, and prejudice corrupts justice, only one thing is clear: Nothing is fair in love or war.

Ryan J Hodge RyanJHodge Luck and Loose Ends Luck & Loose Ends Fantasy Novel
Luck & Loose Ends

Fortunes have always been made at someone else’s expense. No one understands this better than a thief, and Kalisa & Peytra are thieves like no other. When rumors of vast riches on a new continent reach their ears, they spare no haste in stowing aboard vessels bound for the New World. Kalisa gets more than he bargained for during the heist of a nobleman’s manor when he stumbles upon a man afflicted by a bizarre and preternaturally violent condition.


As the madness spreads, the Kalisa and Peytra discover that the afflicted are being controlled by a daemoniac entity long thought banished from the world. With monsters and religious fanatics closing in on all sides, Kalisa and Peytra must avail upon their wits and each other to escape the continent alive. However, just because they are partners does not mean they can trust one another.

ColAidCorp Col Aid Corp Daisy Diaz DaisyDiaz Diz Ryan J Hodge RyanJHodge SciFi scifi Cassiopeia Science Fiction
The Adventures of the Colonial Assistance
Company (Col*Aid*Corp)

The first thing you need to understand about what we do is that space is huge! In fact, it's a little *too* big. That's why humanity has only developed four 'Homeworlds'.


Everywhere outside of those four planets are... well...'wild space'. That's not to say it's uninhabited; you've got colonies, asteroid mines, space stations - you name it! The thing is: there's no permit process or laws or really any regulations whatsoever to establish a facility or colony outside of a Homeworld's start system. If you've got the ship, equipment, crew, and money; you're free to knock yourself out.


That said, there's not much to pull your butt out of the fire if your equipment breaks or if you get attacked by pirates or if the local wildlife starts thinking you're tasty. There's no police, no navy, no nothing!


That's where we come in. We're the Colonial Assistance Company or 'ColAidCorp' for short. If you've got a problem, and the money to pay for a solution, we'll fix it!


Most of the time.

SciFi Science Fiction Ryan J Hodge RyanJHodge Wounded Worlds WoundedWorlds RuanAltman Ruan Altman Daniel Dailey DanielDailey Fa'ashi Orrin Fa'ashiOrrin WoundedWorlds Wounded Worlds Comic Hilean Omnst Cover WoundedWorldsCover Comic Comixology Faashi FaashiOrrin Fashi FashiOrrin
Wounded Worlds: The Graphic Novel

The hit scifi novel Wounded Worlds: Nihil Novum is brought to life with the art of Steph 'CT' Kinney, R. L. Adiputra, Alexander Cutri and more!

As the fires of war die on distant Talveras, old wounds begin to fester. When ancient prejudices threaten to tear the planet apart; a contingent of Federal Commissars are tasked with holding the fracturing populace together.

However one Commissar, haunted by his own destructive past, must decide the future of a planet as he becomes embroiled in a plot that threatens to carve out Talveras' very heart!

There are no heroes. There are no angels. There is only one truth:

Nothing is fair in love or war.

Ryan J Hodge RyanJHodge Author Scifi scifi independent author


Ryan J Hodge

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